Rent a Mercedes from Lux Motors in Dubai, UAE

The global market recognizes Mercedes for its smooth drive, comfortable interiors, and stylish appearance of its motors. It is a symbol of quality and performance. Mercedes cars are suitable for business, as well as for pleasure. The Mercedes brand’s broad range of vehicles includes sedans, convertibles, coupes, SUVs, and much more. Regardless of the occasion, Mercedes is the most reliable and practical choice. This is the reason why people are searching for a Mercedes Rental in Dubai, UAE.

Renting a Mercedes from the Best Quality Mercedes Rental in Dubai, UAE

Mercedes brings an immense amount of luxury when you consider renting a car for traveling in and around Dubai and the UAE. Whether it is for sightseeing or for business tours in Dubai, a Mercedes car is the most ideal car.

How can you rent a Mercedes car in Dubai from the Best Mercedes Rental?

People recognize Lux Motors as the most reliable Mercedes rental in Dubai. At Lux Motors, we make the entire process simple and hassle-free. The track record of our car renting services tells you that we are having experience in delivering high-quality services at affordable rates.

Contact Lux Motors for renting a Mercedes in Dubai, UAE. We will cater to your requirements instantly. There are two options available when it comes to delivering the car. You can collect the car from our showroom. Otherwise, we can drive the vehicle to your location.

Regardless of whether you are on a short-term business trip or a long vacation in Dubai, you can rely on renting a Mercedes Benz to have a smooth driving experience. We have an extensive fleet of Mercedes-Benz self-drive vehicles that are luxurious in every aspect. Our Mercedes rental is ideal for both casual travelers and business travelers. Renting a Mercedes car in Dubai is very easy with Lux Motors. You just have to browse through our rental inventory and choose a model according to your budget and travel necessities. You may send us an inquiry about renting the Mercedes Car, along with mentioning the duration of rent. Our team will contact you instantly. They will assist you in knowing all the relevant details. According to your requirements, you can rent Mercedes cars on both short-term and long-term rental deals.

The Reasons for Choosing a Mercedes Rental

Mercedes Benz is a German car manufacturer. It has been present in the industry for more than a century. Mercedes Benz is very trustworthy when it comes to delivering exceptionally high levels of quality. The brand offers all luxurious vehicles. It has a completely modern design, technology, and engineering. Mercedes is leading, right from engine development to suspension. Their vehicles have a broad range of features. This includes satellite navigation, a climate-controlled aircon, a touchpad infotainment display, and multiple airbags. Furthermore, by choosing Lux Motors as your Mercedes rental provider, you can be certain that you will get the car at the most effective rates.

Common Problems in Mercedes

The Automobile Industry considers Mercedes the king of German car brands. However, in spite of making very desirable cars, they face some common issues. This derives from poor design, component choice, or even technology issues.

Thrust Link and Control Arm Bushings

These bushings are small rubber components that are present in the front suspension. They are filled with fluid. When it gets old, these bushings have a tendency to crack open when it is old. Besides causing the suspension to not function properly, it can also create a mess. A bumpy ride and odd tire wear can indicate that you need to have a look at this. Mercedes also faces the issues of ball joint wear, sway bar links, and much more. Some reports are suggesting that any car over 60,000 miles could be prone to problems.


Rust often affects the mighty Mercedes. Most of the models from the 90s and early 00s were prone to rust in high-wear areas. As the cost of making the cars was increasing, Mercedes had to source cheaper steel and use less paint. This leads to thinning in certain areas and the accumulation of rust. You may check around door sills, wheel arches, and underneath the footwells among other spots. You need to prevent it from rotting. Otherwise, it could get very costly.

Engine Mounts

Mercedes had used solid rubber for engine mounts in its older models. The Engine Mounts reduce the transmission of the vibration coming from the engine to the occupants of the car. Even though they work well, these mounts can perish and split as time passes by. The modern car models have used oil-filled mounts which had worked really well. But, even these mounts started giving up after about 100,000 miles. Fluid would start leaking. They are having the same symptoms. However, it is not too expensive to change the mounts. If all you are noticing any vibrations and clunking in a car that you are buying, then it could be an issue with the mounts. It could also be some other serious issue.

Electric Window Problems

Generally, the window regulators of Mercedes start getting dysfunctional at times. It is often the pulleys of the window regulator that wear and detaches. You need to check for slow and non-opening windows while viewing a car.

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